Have you ever seen an original old circa 1900 Victorian house with original colorful stained glass windows and marveled at what it must have been like living inside and watching the sun stream through the colored glass? 

Originally stained glass windows were used in the 1600’s through the mid 1800’s mostly in Churches, Temples and places of worship with religious themes and handpainted details.  Starting in the victorian era in the late 1800’s, when craftsmanship and fine detailing of homes was desirable, beautiful stained glass windows with Geometric designs featuring simple squares and circles were installed in the great Queen Anne Victorian homes.  Red glass was often used and the old glass had a lot of texture (wavy, bubbles pebbling):


The fanciest Victorian windows ( from around 1870’s to around 1905) also had hand painted figural or pastoral scenes.. here are a few examples: Here is an example of a numbered House window, often used over the front door with a light shining behind it, which would illuminate the house number at night.  This window was quite large and full of huge cut glass colored jewels and would have been in a high end home.  The red glass was quite rare and expensive, as it contained gold. Watch for another Stained glass window blog where I show you examples of the Art Nouveau windows, where incredible floral and figural themes – so colorful and beautiful – won over my heart and I started collecting them!



  1. I would like to send a picture of a piece of stained glass I found in our garage that I think my mom gave me years ago. I wanted you to look at it and see when you think it was made. And if there’s any value to it. Do you think I could do that and do you think you could take a look at it and know? Thank you in advance.

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