STIR FRY for Everyone! 

This dish might be the tastiest way to kick start your New Year’s resolutions to Eat More Vegetables… and less sodium

 Take a mountain of an assortment of your favorite  fresh vegetables ( even ones you didn’t even know you might like such as Boy Choy, Savoy cabbage, parsnips and shitaki Mushrooms), grab some good quality toasted sesame oil and olive oil and you are off and running.  Think COLOR when you choose your vegetables and add in at least one of all the colors.

First start a couple of cups of your favorite brown or white rice in a pot or rice cooker so it will be ready when the rest of the stir fry is.

 Then, in a large pot or wok over medium heat, pour in a couple tablespoons of  toasted Sesame Oil and a bit of Olive oil.   Put in a couple of finely chopped garlic cloves and a sliced red onion.  Then start adding all your sliced veges- start with the dense vegetables first like carrots as they will take longer.  Some suggestions of veges: leeks, mushrooms,scallions,bell peppers, Chilis ( if you like spicy),cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, snap peas, green beans, fresh corn sliced off the cob, cauliflower, Zucchini,carrots, brussel sprouts, fresh ginger.  Cook only until tender-crisp as they will keep cooking even when you take them off the heat.  For a vegetarian version, add some cooked beans at the end.

After you take the stir fry mixture off the heat, add in some diced chicken and serve over 1/2 cup hot brown rice  sprinkled with fresh cilantro leaves.   I use my favorite sweet Spicy Ginger Sauce Click here to view on Amazon to pour over the top for seasoning. It tastes amazing and has only 5 mg of sodium per serving !  Or of course you can add fresh diced ginger to the stirfy instead and season with salt and pepper.   For a Thai flavored twist add some fish sauce, chopped lemongrass and Kaffir lime leaves.


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