ROYALLY Luxurious Table Settings with FLORA DANICA CHINA

Royally Luxurious Table Settings with FLORA DANICA CHINA

Do you want your guests to be treated like royalty at your next luncheon?

Serve them on the world’s most expensive and luxurious porcelain service, with hand painted floral botanical designs, 14k gold rims and a colorful history dating back to the Royal Copenhagen Manufacturers in the late 1700’s!   FLORA DANICA china – see the range of the porcelain plates, cups, bowls, platters and serving pieces.  

Crown Prince Frederick commissioned a set of this fabulous hand painted service for empress Catherine II of Russia in 1790.  The Factory painted life sized plant illustrations from the encyclopedia Flora Danica (Danish Flora) then and the designs are still being produced today by fine artists that take years of training before their painting skills are good enough to be used on first quality plates.

  I was so intrigued by this favorite of Kings, Queens and the ultra-wealthy that I found some reasonably priced pieces from a private party in the Netherlands whose Father was a collector for many years.   They didn’t disappoint in person!

  A wonderful heavy feel, shimmering perfect porcelain finish, amazing hand painted flowers, and a  gold painted hand cut serrated edge. 

 A sweet touch was the glorious hand lettered botanical name on the back of the plate.

 Okay, WAY over the top, but kind of fun and quirky too. 

If you don’t quite enjoy the idea of your heavy handed guest sawing away with a sharp knife on your delicate $1000 (!) plate, then how about serving them a finger food luncheon or dessert menu. 


Add to your table setting with your best antique etched crystal glasses, mother-of-pearl Victorian cutlery and a few of your best blossoms from the garden.  

Now we are feeling like a Princess!


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