OILCLOTH … its not just for casual outdoor table coverings anymore!


I have always been drawn to the colorful and whimsical patterns of oilcloth,  both the vintage kind ( originally made from a thick fabric, coated in Linseed oil and then painted to make it waterproof) and current amazing fabrics (vinyl over a cotton mesh). 

Okay, like many people, I thought it was just for outdoor BBQ’s to cover up old tables and to make an easily wiped surface to clean up the potato salad that spilled out of the serving bowl.

But as I started seeing more interesting patterns and shapes being created, oilcloth started being my first choice for eye-catching fun and beautiful decor for my dining room and beyond.  Beautiful shopping bags with  pockets, backpacks with fancy zippers and stitching and even hanging cosmetic travel bags are made out of this gorgeous sturdy fabric.  Check out www.etsy.com for some handmade unique designs.


Who wouldn’t want a picnic lunch in their own color coded lunch sack, complete with velcro strip to keep the bag closed.  Never wrinkles, easy to clean and puts a smile on your face when you look at it.

Try some of the new placemats with contrasting trim for your next brunch, lunch or dinner party!


  Dress it up with china plates ,crystal glasses and linen napkins or dress it down with paper napkins, and your everyday cutlery and plates.

Once you try it you won’t go back to plain !


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